World of Wiki's

Wonderful World of Wiki's

Presented By: Mike Agostinelli & Jason Neiffer

Why Wiki's

Wiki's as a classroom website

Activity: Someone you admire

Step 1: Choose someone or something (like a team or organization) that you admire

Step 2: Click the EDIT button to get started

Step 3: At the top of the page write the person or group you admire. Highlight the text you just wrote and click on the Text Edit Button

Choose a font, color, and center align your Title. Click OK. Your Title should reflect the changes you just made...if not let me know.

Step 4: Next we are going to make this title a true Heading. Make sure your title is highlighted and click on the Heading Drop down menu and select Heading 1

Step 5: Answer these questions in your page

  • Give a description about what the person or group does
  • Why you admire about the person or group

Step 6: Add picture of the person or group. Go to Google Images and search for a person or group (I will be searching for the Chicago Bears)

Step 7: Insert my image into my Wiki

Now let's embed a video into the Wiki

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Remember to highlight the Embed code and copy

We now have everything we need from You Tube. Lets go back to YOUR wiki page and Click EDIT

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Your Video should now be embedded.

Adding Students to your Wiki

A little known feature of GMail which you can use for students without email addresses.

Let’s say that I have a gmail address:

Now if I am signing up Paul for a wikispaces account. I can register with the email address   You can put in any extra alphanumeric information after the plus sign and it still gets delivered to 

Wikispaces now thinks Paul has an active email account and all communication goes directly to the teacher!

Wiki's as a "showcase home" for projects around the web

A Wiki can also be a great place for students to "Showcase" work they have done in other Web 2.0 sites.

I want you to pick one of these sites to do the next activity. The content of the activity is the same but it will be represented differently with these different tools.

We are going to explore the Executive Office of the President. Incorporate each of the councils and the members that make up the council in your final project. Your goal is to incorporate all of the entities that exist within the Executive Office of the President in your final product and display your work in the wiki. If you finish with time remaining choose another tool to make a second project and learn another Web 2.0 tool.

Use this website to gather your information:

Here are the 3 Web 2.0 tools to choose from:

Kerpoof Cartoon Story

Kerpoof Example kerpoof2.pdf Mind Mapping Example

Glogster Edu - Virtual Poster

Glogster Example