Capture: Setting Up Traps to Organize Mountains of Information

Jason Neiffer
Curriculum Director @ Montana Digital Academy
Shameless Self Promotion:

Workshop Description

In this BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP SESSION, Jason will walk through the process of information capture, or, how to use Web 2.0 tools to create traps to handle the mass of information available to use as a modern information consumer.  We will consider the right tools for the job, how to use your device as a means of processing information and perhaps more importantly, when to scale back your capture tools.  Participants should sign up for a Google account before the beginning of the workshop.

Session Goals

  1. Describe the problem of information overload.
  2. Discuss tools for combating information overload.
  3. Hands-on setup of workflows using specific Web 2.0 tools.

Background and Framework

Workflow Setup 1: Capture Information to Keep You Fresh

Software Toolset

Workflow Setup 2: Handle Your Communication Flow

Software Toolset