Moodle as a Dropbox

Mike Agostinelli, Smith Elementary, Facilitator

Hello and welcome to HPS Moodle as a Dropbox!

Technology Tools we are Using Today:

  • Jing: I use Jing to capture stills and screen video to put in my virtual workshop handouts.  Jing is both very powerful and very easy to use.  Much of Jing's functionality comes free with creation of an account.  I have opted to spend $14.95 for Jing Pro, which is worth every dime!
  • Google Sites: I have recent started using Google Sites for my virtual workshop handouts.  It is free and has a very powerful editing engine.  I was able to use Google to purchase "" for just 10 dollars a year and then use Google Application to host content.
Format for Today's Workshop

Today's topic is File Management in Moodle.  This workshop is intended to give you an introduction to File Management in Moodle.  For a more comprehensive training on everything Moodle, check out our Moodle 101 course.

Part I: File Management - Teacher

Create a Directory

In Moodle you have the ability to upload files to your Moodle classroom.  You can give students access to a folder or directory.  First, you have to add files under the Administration section of your Moodle on the left hand side of page (With editing turned on).  Select Files.

Secondly, Create a folder you want to share and Upload files to it.

Finally, From your Moodle homepage Add a Resource: Display a directory

Upload a Single File to

Occasionally you may need to just share one file in that case add it from you Homescreen.  Go to Add a Resource: Link to a File or Website

Browse to add the file:

Part II: File Management - Student

For a student Dropbox; Create an Advanced Upload of Student Files.  Under Add Activity, choose Advanced Uploading of Files

The key is to make sure there is NO due date for the activity.  In addition, choose a large number of files for the student (up to 20) and Allow Deleting.

Hope you enjoyed the workshop!

Feel free to email me with any and all questions :)